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    Portable Under Water Particle Image Velocimetry System

    PUWPIV (Portable Under Water Particle Image Velocimetry) system solves the problem of underwater flow field measurement under the non-laboratory ideal condition for the customers, using a large number of neutral particles in natural water to make flow field measurement of the tracer. The time precision of its internal synchronizer reaches microsecond level, making it realize the accurate measurement of high-speed flow and turbulence. 

    PUWPIV system adopts the split design concept of the all-aluminum alloy shell. Power supply warehouse, camera warehouse and laser warehouse are designed to be independent, to meet different light path layout requirements in any experimental environment. The system approves IP68 waterproof rating standard.

    There are two power supply modes available for the power supply warehouse:

    1. External power supply: Choose external power supply in the experimental site with external power supply. The system can work without time limit.

    2. Built-in power supply: Choose built-in power supply in the field without external power supply. The system can work according to the preset time period.


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