Into hawksoft

HAWKSOFT is an international technology enterprise which was founded by the overseas returnee scholars. It is one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence applied in the field of water environment and water ecology.

leading technology

Visual Flowmeter Technology
Fluid measurement technology based on machine vision
Fluid surface feature recognition technology based on deep machine learning Flow field calculation based on PTV/PIV algorithm Anti-shake algorithm
Digital Model Technology
Coupling model of water power, water environment, and water ecology
Set up the simulation and model of pollution diffusion trend with mathematical algorithm and model, to solve: the law of pollution expansion trend, water quality change over time, and comprehensive management of river and lake ecology.
Informational Platform Technology
Informational integrated technology based on smart river and lake
Integrate perceived river power with water quality and exhibit diversely Monitoring data analysis + big data mining, physical model and math model verification Realize monitoring feedback mechanism and field remote control