The 11th National Experimental Fluid Mechanics Conference

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The 11th National Experimental Fluid Mechanics Conference was held in Tianjin on July 11th to 14th, 2019. It was hosted by the Experimental Fluid Mechanics Professional Group of the Fluid Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and understood by Tianjin University, College of Mechanical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, College of Chemical Engineering, and Tianjin Modern Engineering Mechanics Key Laboratory.


Conference topics include, but not limited to:

1, Fluid Mechanics Experimental Measurement Technology and Its New Progress

2, Flow Visualization Technology and Its Application

3, Experimental Measurement Technology and Its Application in Micro Flow, Biologic Flow, Industrial Flow, Chemical Reaction and Combustion

4, Application of Experimental Fluid Mechanics in Other Projects

5, Experimental Teaching of Fluid Mechanics


Hawksoft participated in this academic conference as a co-organizer. In booth 15 we brought our company's latest developed fluid measurement products: underwater PIV measurement system and nano high-precision synchronizer which can make many instruments work together. Our booth attracted many experts and scholars. They expressed a strong interest in the underwater PIV measurement method displayed by our company. At the same time, they put forward the need for customization of the development of the synchronizer’s function.


During the conference, we widely communicated with domestic and foreign hydrodynamic experts, and listened to and learned valuable suggestions put forward by the experts. With support and encouragement of experts of the industry, we will adhere to the basic research and development work in the direction of fluid mechanics, and make greater contributions to the vigorous development of the cause of hydrodynamics in China. 

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