The 16th International Water Advanced Technology (Product) Promotion Conference

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The 16th International Water Technology (Product) Promotion Conference, hosted by the Ministry of Water Resources, was successfully held in Beijing on April 16, 2019. More than 200 experts, scholars and representatives of technology firms from home and abroad gathered to discuss advanced technology and modernization construction of water conservation.


Hawksoft was invited to participate in this conference. We displayed to the participants the visual flow, visual water level, UAV/USV intelligent measurement platform and other advanced technology developed by our company in recent years. Among them, the UAV field river flow and flow speed measurement technology got widespread attention from the industry peers and experts. They all said that the non-contact measurement technology represented by machine vision has the advantages of fast measurement speed, safe operation and convenience, with a greater prospect of development and application. At the same time, we also brought our self-researched UAV/USV, to display to the experts.


The conference not only attracted more than 200 advanced, practical and hot technology from all over the world, but also highly assembled experts and R&D institutions in the global water conservancy industry. With open mind and positive attitude, we exchanged innovative technology actively, discussed industry trends, and planed for the modernization of water conservancy jointly.


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